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Focus Investments is a Boutique Real Estate Fund specializing in investing in rental income all around the United States of America.


For the foreseeable future, demand for healthcare services worldwide will continue to rise. So it is essential that new ways are found to simultaneously increase the efficiency and   effectiveness of healthcare provision in both the private and public health sectors.

Thorn Medical understands how to create value for investors, service providers and patients through building a balanced portfolio of pre- and post-revenue companies that specialize in commercializing innovative and medical technologies and services.

Thorn Medical will continue to grow both organically and through acquisitions, continually developing the enterprise and fully addressing the human health cycle and its genetic,    environmental, physical and nutritional influencing factors.

Human Health Cycle

Thorn Medical believes efficient and effective healthcare provision must be based on complete understanding and integrated management of the human health cycle.

Modern healthcare has only partly addressed this need, being predominantly focused on disease diagnosis, management of symptoms and treatment of disease utilizing a pharmaceutical-led approach. Rapid advances in the fields of naturopathic and allopathic medicine, and the role of functional foods as therapeutics can now form part of a complete approach to today’s healthcare challenges.

Stem Cell Business Unit

The Stem Cell Business Unit, which is the Group’s primary business unit and is expected to generate the most revenue over the next two years, is focused on advancing the use of emerging stem cell treatments and related technologies based on clinically validated      procedures and processes. Thorn Medical’s objective is to build a commercialization platform through which tested and effective stem cell therapies can be made available to patients in a regulated and modern clinical facility.

The Stem Cell Business Unit operates through the Company and four subsidiaries:

  • Thorn Medical – owns a dataset of pre-clinical information that provides a platform of procedures developed for the use of MSCs that will support further treatment techniques within the Stem Cell Business Unit.
  • Okyanos – a revenue generating company which operates a stem cell therapy hospital with active clinical research capabilities in the Bahamas;
  • Cellulae – a newly formed company, incorporated to bring together the Group’s stem cell assets and businesses and is currently non-trading;
  • Tricogeneca – a newly formed company that intends to commercialise and market hair follicle replacement treatments using stem cell technology; and
  • Medcal Properties – a property holding company that owns land in the Bahamas which is intended for use by the Group for additional medical and research facilities for, among other things, the expansion of the Group’s current medical therapy activities

Focus Investments is a Boutique Real Estate Fund specializing in investing in rental income all around the United States of America.


Medcal Properties

In November 2014, the company acquired controlling interest in Medcal Properties Limited.

Sitting under the Thorn Ventures division, Medcal holds land assets which will be used by the Group to develop Hospitals, Clinics and   Medical facilities in the  Bahamas where Medcal Properties’ land bank is based.


Thorn Operations

To realize their true potential modern healthcare organizations require significant      expertise and investment in diverse areas including: staff training; business       management and development; IT infrastructure; technical compliance; branding; new product development and marketing including website, online, offline and social media presence.

Thorn Operations has been created to address this issue; breaking down the barriers to transforming the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare provision worldwide for fast-growing companies needing to develop such services or outsource to third-third-party companies, incurring significant costs.

Its services are free of charge at the point of delivery to any company that is part of Thorn Medical PLC to     develop products and services, streamline operations, reduce costs, encourage cross-fertilization and expand market reach.

Thorn Ventures

To deliver efficient and effective healthcare worldwide requires clinical infrastructure. Lack of adequate infrastructure leads to increased mortality as even basic medical services cannot be provided in a timely and efficient manner.
Thorn Ventures provides for the conceptualization, development and implementation of clinical infrastructure around the world. This includes regulatory compliance, infrastructure development, medical facilities outfitting and ongoing medical service provision.
The company is currently developing a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly medical facility in the Bahamas. This will provide treatment and recuperation services to clients from around the world. Thorn Ventures is also leading in developing pioneering stem cell technologies in partnership with the Bahamian Government.

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