Our Vision

Become intermediaries between investors and financial institutions renowned for international capital management, & provide first-level advice to public and private capital source for generating customer returns and profits according to their risk profile.

Our Mission

Being the business partner quintessential entrepreneurs, investors and governments in their purposes of wealth creation and development in all facets possible


We have many advantages in today's competitive market.

Hiring a consultant who is independent is extremely important this day in age.  Not only does it help eliminate certain conflicts of interest, but an independent consultant will also answer questions regarding potential conflicts in writing – including disclosure of sources of revenue, whether direct, indirect, or soft dollar. As independent consultants, we receive compensation from the pension fund fees, not from commissions or sales concessions on any investment products utilized by the pension fund.


We can go anywhere, anytime.  Why? Because it makes sense for our Latin Institutions. We are not tied to contractual relationships, or forced to use proprietary products or internal services that only serve to increase that firms total revenues at the expense of the Latin Institution’s performance or costs.

Direct Representation

As an Independent Pension Fund Consultant, we work for the Latin Institution, not some large investment/brokerage firm headquartered in some foreign country. It is our duty and responsibility to serve our Latin American Institutions in their best interest.

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Meet Our Team

Now you know a little bit about us, but there is still more.

We have many experienced team members who bring years of passion and expertise to the table.  Meet them today!